Few individuals can access this room and those who can become a Builder. This room is where dreams are made and are only accessible for a fraction of a second during the use of a brain cleaner. The room is linked to a total of three layers of the dream. The first stage is an average room should be around 10 Pyung (355.86sq ft), and depending on the individual a builder can have up to 100 Pung (35586.60sq ft) in the third floor. According to Geum-Song the second stage is about a 1,000 times greater in volume than that of the first stage. Builders suspect that the size is based on the individual's mental capacity. It also seems to be completely possible to seal and destroy these floors as that was Jung Shi-Ah mission towards Copy Jack.

The Room

Stages Edit

The room has 3 stages/layers. Builders that reach the first floor are called "Stu", second floor users are called "Ender", and third floor users are called path finders or Alders. Those close to the third floor are called High Ender. There are also different types of High Enders such as Geum-Song who is a "High-End Combat Path Finder". A Path Finder being a Combat type Builder who aims to reach the end of the dream. Anders are those that have reached the third floor called Eden.

The three stages.



Path Finders/AlderEdit

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