"Oh my good jeebus put some clothes on!!"

— Kim Min-Jung
Kim Min-Jung
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Kim Min-Jung is a girl who wants to become a Builder in order to find someone.

Appearance Edit

Min-Jung has long orange hair and a large bust. She is usually seen wearing a dress and has a pink Gear.

Personality Edit

Min-Jung is noticeably ditzy but is smart enough to be in honors classes. She is very determined and kind which can get the better of her and put her in bad situations. However, when fighting she becomes serious and somewhat overconfident.

History Edit

When her brother got hit by a car she gave him Gear to make him happy again, however, one day he falls into a coma which is thought to be a side effect from the Gear. This leads her into becoming a Builder to find her brother.

Plot Edit

Prologue - Chapter 10 Edit

Min-Jung is first seen at the library to accesses the school Gear which causes her to be an easy target for her ignorance involving Gear. As she looks around the dream library in wonder she's attacked by Red Rip. Who attempt a "Room Steal", and try to rape her. However, Jung Shi-Ah joins her room and stops the duo. After being saved, she then asks him to teach her how to be a Builder. Out of annoyance, he decides to teach her which she happily agrees to. She is seen standing at his apartment door and waits for him to answer however when he does he's only in his underwear having just gotten out of the shower. This startles her. He questions her resolve telling her to leave if she's not up for it. She instead shakes her fears and steps through the door. Inside his room, she reveals the Gear she found which Shi-Ah elaborates on its usefulness. He then dreams inside the builder world telling her to meet him. She soon follows and is taught by Shi-Ah on what a builder is and how The Room works.[1]

Later on, she tries to accomplish her first assignment in which Shi-Ah gives her a brain cleaner called Genesis where she must find her own room. The next day she meets with Shi-Ah having missed the Room all night ad explains her predicament but before Shi-Ah can help her two Crea club members answer for him.

References Edit

  1. Chapter 4, page 10

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