Kamo Aoi
First Appearance
Chapter 03
Black Hammer
College level

Kamo Aoi is the youngest of the Crea club only being a sophomore while the others are seniors.

Appearance Edit

Kamo Aoi has blue bowl-cut hairstyle and wears thick-rimmed glasses. In reality, he is seen wearing a brown sweatsuit, however, in the Builder world, his appearance changes dramatically. He now takes the appearance of a Joker or clown with black and white checkered patterns and red lipstick.
  • Real world clothes.
  • Black Hammer style.

Personality Edit

He's seen as the most intelligent of the Crea group. Usually seen on his computer and helping Kim Min-Jung with the basics of becoming a Builder. By himself, he likes to sing with a broom, showing his "entertaining side". However, this side of him seems to be outwardly shown when he is in the Builder world as he wears a joker/clown suit that contrasts his usual attitude with others. During his teaching of Min-Jung, he's shown to admire the Builder Red Hammer to an almost obsessive level as his codename Black Hammer was in tribute to the Builder.

History Edit

He is an original member of Crea.

Plot Edit

Prologue - Chapter 10 Edit

He is first seen at the Crea hideout listening to loud music while working on his computer. Yang Hyun-Jin is annoyed by Aoi's music but is interrupted by Geum-Song who holds a CD containing an AV of her. Aoi gives her a letter from the school which contains a notice of not having enough members. He's seen later with Hyun-Jin so to recruit new club members. The find Kim Min-Jung and Jung Shi-Ah where they persuade Min-Jung to come with them so they can help her find her room. Later, he introduces himself as Black Hammer as he helps Min-Jung get a grasp on her new builder capabilities.[1]


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He listens to death metal music

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