"To be honest builders aren't much to begin with."

— Jung Shi-Ah
Jung Shi-Ah
Path Finder
Love Interest
Alpha Clan
First Appearance
Chapter 01
The God of the Beginning: Genesis

Jung Shi- Ah is stuck in Kim Min-Jung's adventure after saving her.

Appearance Edit

Shi-Ah has shoulder-length gray hair and has a very lazy facial expression. He is also very muscular and tall.

Personality Edit

Shi-Ah doesn't like to get involved with things as seen during his time with the Crea Club. However, he does have a caring and worried side which he usually shows only to Kim Min-Jung.

History Edit

The reason he became a builder was to become a God. In which Shi-Ah was the God of the beginning "Genesis" during his reign as the god of the third stage. For now, he is the Ghost of the Alpha Clan.

Plot Edit

Chapters 01 - 10 Edit

Shi-Ah is seen returning a book back to the library when he notices Kim Min-Jung holding many Engineering books. Puzzled by her choice he sees her use Gear for the first time and notices two others that have been watching her. Guessing that she's an idiot, he goes in to help her. He soon saves her from the Red Rip gang and lets them go at her request. Afterwards, he leaves, however, Min-Jung spots him and asks him to teach her how to become a builder. He first declines the request but finds her annoying and agrees to only the basics.

Later on, he's interrupted from his shower by her. Seeing her hesitation, he questions her resolve, telling her to leave if not coming into his room. When she makes her decision, he shows her the reasons the Gear he requested her to get was important in becoming a builder. He then tells her to follow him after he dreams into the Builder world. Both inside, he tests her and explains to her what a Builder was and the purpose of The Room.[1]

He's then seen giving her a brain cleaner called "Genesis" where her first assignment is to get to the Room. The next day he waits for her at a park near the University where she tells him about her failed attempts. He is then interrupted by two members of the Crea club.


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