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Geum-Song is the mascot and president of Crea.

Appearance Edit

Geum-Song is a tall woman with blond hair. She is seen always wearing a black dress and wears purple underwear.

Personality Edit

She loves to battle and enjoys a good fight. Fighting is seen as a turn on for her as she becomes sexually excited when seen in reality outside of the Builder world. Geum-Song has a very angry temper when provoked and is very cunning and headstrong when recruiting Jung Shi-Ah and Kim Min-Jung.

History Edit

Is the oldest member of Crea.

Plot Edit

Prologue-Chapter 10 Edit

Her first appearance is interrupting Yang Hyun-Jin and beating him over scanning her body and creating an AV out of it. She is soon stopped by Kamo Aoi as he gives her the letter their principal sent which sends her into another rage as they must find new members. When she is introduced to Kim Min-Jung and Jung Shi-Ah she decides to help Min-Jung reach her room if they join her group. When Min-Jung agrees, the group except for Aoi, go to her room. When they meet her Diger where Geum-Song is the first to fight it and defeat it.

Geum AV

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