3rd gen

Kim Min-Jung's 3rd Generation Gear, built by the Nox Company.

Gears are made to allow users to access their games and dreams. The old generation is said to be hard to find however they help those who want to become builders as they are not optimized for gaming.

When an individual is asleep special brain waves are emitted. 2RM gear is then used to extract these waves and then saved to a disk.


Brain Cleaner "Genesis"

The negative effect were repetitive dreams so to solve the problem they created a special chip called the "brain cleaner". Which whips out the repetitive dreams and opens the doorway to the Room for a fraction of second.

Death Edit

It's also possible to feel pain from death and any other injuries while using Gear. Usually, injuries that should result in death should have the victim "dream out" however special weapons such as those made by the Red Hammer stop victims from dreaming out so they can feel every amount of pain that the injury has inflicted.

Depending on the cause of death if the victim went through "Force Log" their memory of the incident prior would be erased.

Real World Edit

Some creatures that come from the 3rd Stage such as Biters have the ability that when inflicting damage on a builder, that Builder will feel that pain back in real world.

There also seem to be many actions that can strain a Builder's brain to the point where they bleed out.

  • Mass Producing as rooms are not infinite
  • Summoning higher level monsters into a lower level stage.

    Copy Jack stressed with summoning and controlling Biters.

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