The room

The Room

When 2RM Gear was created the individuals who used them encounter a problem involving the repetitive dreams. To solve the problem they developed "Brain Cleaner". A handful of those who used it discovered a phenomenon where they fell in into a completely empty room. Builders would call this place "The room" where all dreams are created. According to Jung Shi-Ah builders aren't much as it all depends on if they can access "The room" or not.

Behavior Edit

Builders can and often attack other builders usually to "Room Steal". Which is when a Builder intrudes on a victim's dreams and makes it a part of their territory.

How to Edit

Regular Edit

To accomplish being a Builder, the gear user must use a "brain cleaner" to wipe their dreams clean to stop them from being repetitive. In this process, the user will see the room for a fraction of a second where they stop the process with their minds and access it.

Forceful Edit

To do this user must use a program that lets them enter the room. However, because it's done in such a way the user must face there Diger.


There are two types of builders. Biology-type and Architect type.


Builders who excel in materializing organisms or anything organic.

Architect Edit

The architectural, also known as engineering type, are builders who excel in materializing things.

Unknown Edit

These types are proficient in both engineering and architect.

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